In the first semester we dealt with the affordance of objects. The final task was to create a concept for an interactive lamp and to create an experience prototype.
Our idea was to develop a lamp that could be illuminated by inflating the balloon. Depending on how much air is inside the space, the light intensity changes. By the release of the air through a fan, electricity for the light should be created. The lighting is only temporary over a certain period of time, and must therefore be inflated again. We have devised various scenarios for use and implemented them with storytelling. Among other things for camping, as emergency lighting or as night lighting for the children's room.
Our lamp consists of a modular set case. The individual parts can therefore be combined as required. This makes it particularly light and easy to store.

Material: balloon, cable, light bulb, cardboard, magnets, dimmer, adhesive tape


A simple, compact and portable light source with a user-friendly design for various applications. The light easily inflates to a variety of sizes. Depending on the size of the balloon, the light appears brighter or darker. In addition, the Kelvin value adapts to the outside temperature and thus becomes warmer or colder. The product's battery can be charged in two ways. On the one hand with the air pressure of the balloon through a fan and on the other hand with a simple USB plug. There is a suitable holder for every application. For hanging a hook is offered, for standing a three-legged stand is recommended.
Florian Wille | Verena Ziegler

October 2017

Zurich University of the Arts
Object Experience | 1st Semester

Fiona Good