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How can materials act as a mediator and as an agent? How can we through DIY medicine and biodesign take care of ourselves? How can we recognise and observe existing structures and systems, learn from them and derive our own interpretation from them? Clementines and other citrus fruit have a proven influence on enzyme and drug metabolism activity. clemetine.lab acknowledges the potential of clementines as drugs and explores their values for DIY medicine. It aims at repurposing leftover clementines and discarded clementine peels. It is an open source medicine platform, that distributes clementine.kits as a starting point for your first DIY medicine. It provides no recipes but a frame, to encourage and empower your experimentations with the ingredients The platform it provides is a place where you can explore recipes from and contribute to the community by sharing the recipes you developed.


Punkt.| https://www.punkt-ausstellung.ch
Designfestival Bern | https://designfestival.ch

Material: clementines, vegetables, soap, glycerin, agar agar, jelly, dry ice, wax, paper, coconut butter, dryer, mortar, magnesium, html, css



kit one.

kit two.

kit three.

Andreas Kohli | Beate Schlingelhoff | Clemens Winkler | Joelle Bitton | Manuel Fabritz | Michael Simon

December 2018

Zurich University of the Arts
Hacking Values | 3rd Semester

Duy Bui

Punkt.| https://www.punkt-ausstellung.ch
Designfestival Bern | https://designfestival.ch