Co-living is a way of socializing, bond together with someone. But by sharing the same space, persons can easily clash. The reasons can be diverse, but most of the time finances and task sharing can be in the origin of the problems in a shared apartment. That is why we decided to focus our project on those 2 aspects of the life in community and to make them playful.
Our app is based on a common pot filled with a certain amount of money. Each month, each habitant has the possibility to handle house tasks in order to cumulate points. The more points the person get the less money he/she has to pay. This playful system can beneficiate apartment shared by students living together with workers. Persons that have lower incomes can like that, accomplish common tasks that have to be done in order to pay less, creating that way a better balance between all the housemates.

Material: adobe XD, usertest, screencast



In the home screen Sarah (the user), gets an overview of the pot money and how much everyone has to pay. On the left side she sees her profile and on the right side the information about her housemates. By opening the tasks, Sarah can quickly see a selection of tasks that have not been accomplished yet. When she clicks on her housemates photos, the amount of money they have to pay is displayed.

In the Task tab she first sees the points she cumulated with the tasks she has done. By clicking on the open tasks, a list of not accomplished tasks and the respective points is shown. Sarah can click on the checkbox to select the task she wants to do next. In the closed tasks she got the list of all the finished tasks and the person who accomplished it. To edit a house chore Sarah can click on the edit button.
She has then the choice to add a new task. She also can rename, decide how often the task has to be done or delete it.

In the Finances tab Sarah sees how much she has paid every month and the tasks she did in that time. The diagram shows a 50 francs line which gives an overview about how much she saved or lost. The green boxes over the line means that she has to pay more than the 50 francs and the ones under the line refers to the money she saved by doing the tasks. She also can go back and have a look on the previous months.

In the Settings tab she can edit her own profile, changing her name, birthday or the date she moved in. Sarah can also edit the apartment information, invite a new housemate or remove someone. In the finances settings she can edit the rent and the costs.

Jürgen Späth | Joël Gähwiler

April 2018

Zurich University of the Arts
Basic GUI | 2nd Semester

Randy Chen | Jennifer Duarte