In 2015 I successfully completed my professional design baccalaureate. The final topic was called "Dialogue". For this purpose I produced a 2 to 1.5 meters cardboard poster.

Material: cardboard, paper, packing paper, thread, spray paint, ink

My idea was summarized under the title "The animal in man". Not only biologically humans have a lot of animals. Apart from our natural instincts, humans are also fascinated by animals and like to copy some of their tricks.
My work should encourage the viewer to stop and take a closer look at the poster. They should take their time to see the faces and understand their barely noticeable differences. The faces, which look empty at first sight, hide more than is recognizable. I hope that the viewer will notice the little mouth hiding a smile and the eyes staring down at you big and blank, that you almost have the feeling you are shrinking under them.
Apart from the heads, which already represent a dialogue, the viewer will have to establish a connection, between people and nature. They should let their imagination run wild. And I am curious to see what kind of dialogues the viewers believe to recognize.
The somewhat oppressive, dark and dreary mood of the work should, I hope, inspire reflection and arouse curiosity. But most of all, I want people to enjoy looking at my work for a long time, simply because they like it.

I documented my work in a square booklet which is in the same style as the poster. The cover is made of solid corrugated cardboard. Behind it the content is classically structured. First I explain my design ideas, intentions and research followed by the concept of my work. At the end I report about my process as well as the reflection and the result of my work. I then printed the booklet myself and bound it with thread-stitching. The style should match the poster and keep the collage look.


My poster is a 2 to 1.5 meter large cardboard plate. It shows the dialogue between animals and humans with simple ink and packing paper. For symbolization I chose symbolic animals of each element.
My aim was to show the viewer an incomplete dialogue which they inevitably have to associate with animals. I wanted to stimulate the imagination and find out what they think to understand in my painting.
During the realization I worked a lot in collage style. With different thicknesses of cardboard I achieved a liveliness in the picture and made it a little more perceptible. With a gold spray I set accents and gave the cheap material something valuable.
André Ribi

February 2015

Gestalterische Berufsmaturität Zürich