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pure dirt

The poster of the future! This project combines graphics with interaction. The realization took place within the Graphic Design Module. The goal was to create a poster that reacts to the movement of people passing by.
By forming an anagram the topic itself could be determined and also in the execution we were largely free. "Interrupted" was my word, which resulted in the anagram "pure dirt net". In order to transmit my terms optimally I used a short fade in of different short videos when registering a movement. The video shows close up pictures of a human body, which was processed with various distortion and glitch effects. During the graphic conversion I leaned strongly on the VHS video cassettes to which to the anagram the suitable "Trash"-Look should convey.
In the run-up, we created various constellations on the topic of points, lines and surfaces in different sizes and formats. Which were enlarged and copied to generate new sections. The result was a 450-page documentation containing also a selection of previous poster designs.

Material: webcam, screen



Rebecca Morganti-Pfaffhauser| Luke Franzke

November 2017

Zurich University of the Arts
Graphic Design Basics | 1st Semester