Every retailer of today has a big variety of products. Why?
Because they try to respond to all needs of every person. Nowadays, even more than in previous years different livestyles are poping up. Vegans, vegeterians and a lot of people who suffer different kinds of intolerances. Furthermore, young people force a more coscious approach on the topics of sustainablity, foodwaste and health, from sides of the retailers. How does a retailer want to respond to all these individual needs and wishes?
"SUODIN" offers a solution.
Our service provides glasses, through which the products you wish for are highlighted.Thanks to our service, you can easily filter the store according to your wishes. For example:

If you are vegan, you can use the filter to only see food, which does not come from animals. You can select the eco-balance filter to see how sustainable your purchase was. Or use the the shopping guide, that helps you to find the fastest way through the store based on your shopping list.

mock up.

In a first step, we created images of what anumented reality could look like to get a sense of what is possible. After that we created a mockup video to figure out how it the Augmented Reality layer could work. We gained insights on how big such AR elements should be, where they should be best placed and how the interaction with this layer should look like. We tried eye tracking and different gestures to see how a person would act in a store.


To test our concept, we presented it in the prototype form of wizard of oz. We had a volunteer run through the AR expierence and play out the actions with prefabricated elements. This made it easy to understand the AR environment and explore its strengths and weaknesses.
To go one step further, we created a simple and small AR experience together with Artivive. By scanning pre-made posters, a video is played that shows the behavior of an AR. The tool was very helpful to sketch and visualize quick ideas.

Concept video.

Jürgen Späht | Stefano Vannotti | Florian Wille

April 2019

Zurich University of the Arts
Service Design | 4th Semester

Stefan Lustenberger | Michelle Schmid

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