mara weber

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I am interaction designer currently enrolled in the BA Interaction Design programm of the Zurich University of the Arts.
I am open-minded and show great commitment in groups as well as in individual work. I always try to approach projects in an unbiased way and adapt to the process and findings. In dealing with different materials and media I am thrilled to conduct experiments to gain new knowledge. In one of my current works in the fields of biodesign and speculative design, I focus strongly on a material based approach and process. In groups we try to investigate how materials can act as a mediator and as an agent, convinced that materials afford an intimate interaction and are able to mediate complex issues.
As the basis of my practice I use design as a tool of research, inquiry and observation. I already got in touch with storytelling as well as idea development and concept elaboration. Fast prototyping and efficient work is an important part of each of our modules.
I always try to find new ways to develop ideas and broaden my horizons.